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                  Brother Against Brother - The War Begins

This book, "Brother Against Brother - The War Begins", by William C. Davis and the editors of Time-Life books, is in like-new condition.  The book covers the divided nation to the beginning of the Civil War at Fort Sumpter, SC..  It has a lot of great pictures on nearly every page and plenty of text to accompany them.  See all enlargement pictures by clicking the thumbnail image to the left.   This will be an excellent introduction to the Civil War for any novice Civil War history buff.  $25.00   Order Information  or  Questions?


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                  Civil War Relics by Charles S. Harris - First Edition & Signed by the Author

"Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns, 1861-1865" is several books combined into one. It is an artifact book filled with 1,000 photographs of rare and diverse relics excavated from battlefields and campsites. It is also a history book that follows the chronology of the war in the west from Fort Donelson to Franklin, Tenn. and it is a battlefield exploration guide complete with maps and information about remote sites that reverberated with drum rolls and cannon fire 125 years ago."  This previously owned book is in its original dust jacket and shows some minimal wear.  The author signed this 1987 first edition copy and the book is composed of 261 pages of seemingly endless pictures and descriptions of excavated Civil War relics.  This book is a must have for any Civil War relic collector or enthusiast.   Approximately 9 7/8 x 11 1/4 inches.   SOLD


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                  A Band of Brothers:  Photographic Epilogue to Marylanders in the Confederacy - Signed by the Author

This book is in excellent condition.  Inscribed in ink on the front leaf is "To Charles" with a note, and then signed and dated "March 28, 1992" by the author, Daniel D. Hartzler.   The preface reads: "A Band of Brothers is a supplement to Marylanders in the Confederacy though the eyes of the camera.  For the complete story of Maryland's true sons who served the Southland, these two volumes should be referred to simultaneously."  This hardback book is comprised of 231 pages with photographs on nearly every page.   Approximately 9 1/8 x 12 1/4 inches.   SOLD


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                  "Civil War Artifacts - A Guide For The Historian"
                         by Howard R. Crouch - 1995 First Edition

This used 1st edition book is a comprehensive collection of photographs and captions of excavated Civil War relics and is absolutely essential for any collector or enthusiast.  Originally published in 1995 with 238 pages covering nearly everything a Civil War relic hunter/collector could expect to find from buttons, bullets, bottles, swords, buckles, plates, guns, badges, uniform items, canteens, horse equipment, stencils, camp items etc..... it still remains today an extremely useful tool in identifying those relics recovered from the backyards, trails, farm fields, woodlands, and most anywhere the Civil War took place.  Clicking on the thumbnail image to the left will lead you to a sampling of some of the pages.   While this magnificent book doesn't cover every relic associated with the Civil War, it does provide a broad look at what a relic hunter/collector might bring home after a day of hunting.   The best part of this book for me is the fact that with its shear volume of items, I can never manage to see everything in it.  Each time I pick it up, to either ID an item that I am researching or just to thumb through, my attention will inevitably be drawn to yet another relic that I failed to see during a previous reading.  I will then spend another half hour pondering that piece forgetting about what I was originally looking for!   It measures approximately 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches and has 238 pages with photographs and captions on nearly every page.  Other than minor front and rear cover soiling, it is in very good and undamaged condition.  Its spine is strong and the pages appear clean and also undamaged.  It is an unsigned copy and the book pictured here and on its enlargement page is the exact book you will receive.  SOLD


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                  Uniform Buttons Of The United States  1776 - 1865

This out-of-print button reference book is an excellent resource and "must have" for any historic button collector or enthusiast.  Originally published in 1997, this undamaged used copy is in very good condition and shows only minor wear on its front and rear cover.  Its spine is strong and the pages appear clean and also undamaged.  This book introduces the reader to comprehensive information about military buttons in one volume. Using a new and innovative classification system which categorizes buttons by period as well as device, Mr. Warren Tice contributes significantly to our understanding of American military buttons.  Encyclopedic in scope, this book interrelates diverse topics such as manufacturing processes, the history of manufacturing companies, known and recently discovered button patterns, and the history of the Federal, Confederate, and militia units who were the customers for these buttons.  The book measures approximately 8 5/8 x 11 1/4.   SOLD



       American Military Belt Plates  - New 3rd Edition Now Available
This monumental book by Michael J. O'Donnell and J. Duncan Campbell, is by far the most comprehensive reference books on American military belt plates available.  With 616 pages, this brand new third edition covers belt, cartridge box and eagle plates from the Revolutionary War through the very early 1900's.  Of course my favorite part is the large portion devoted to the Civil War.  Nearly every page shows pictures of front and rear of pictures with a description of each plate.  If you collect plates then this book is a must have.  $49.50   Ordering Information  or  Questions?