10 Mixed Bullets

These ten mixed bullets, with grey, white and tan patinas, are in good condition and are from the bullet collection of Paul Irvin. Mr. Irvin marked each of these bullets with a corresponding McKee & Mason reference number from their Civil War bullet reference book "Civil War Projectiles II Small Arms & Field Artillery with Supplement". Bullets included are: (Top Row - Left to Right) .56 cal Colt Revolving Rifle, .54 cal. Gardner, .58 cal. Gardner, .69 cal. French Triangle Base, .55 cal. Suhl Carbine, (Bottom Row - Left to Right) .69 cal. Belgian Pattern, .54 cal. Hi-Base, .54 cal. Sharpshooters, .54 cal. Sharpshooters (believed to be miss-identified by Mr Irvin, may be M&M 453), this last bullet at the far right on the bottom row, marked "453", is miss-shaped and may be incorrectly identified. Virginia Relics has done their best to examine these bullets to determine if Mr. Irvin's identification of these bullets is accurate but we cannot guarantee that it is. During the late nineteen sixties into the early nineteen eighties Mr. Irvin hunted many Civil War sites, both union and confederate, in central Virginia. The story of several of Mr. Irvin's major relic finds is recalled in a chapter from Howard Crouch's book, "Relic Hunter: The Field Account of Civil War Sites, Artifacts, and Hunting". Click here to read the story of Mr. Irvin and these finds. These bullets will be an excellent addition to any excavated bullet or general relic collection.


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