Tennessee Rifle Bullet

Item: Tennessee rifle bullet.
Condition: Very good.  Two-rings with a conical cavity.  Natural grey patina with a few white areas.  Dropped condition with some period dings.  Nice round skirt. 
Comments:  This unusual bullet is more well defined, in hand, than my high resolution digital pictures actually show. This is indeed an unusual bullet and the closest similar bullet, in size and shape, is an example found as item 157 on page 185 of Dean S. Thomas' "Round Ball To Rimfire, Part Four".  The bullet in the book measures slightly larger in both diameter and length. Erosion of the surface of the bullet offered in this listing could explain its smaller dimensions.  See additional pictures in this listing.
Recovered: Unknown, but acquired from Georgia.
Approximate size: .45 inch diameter x .75 inch length.
Reference: RBTR Part Four, p. 185, #157.

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