Partial US Bormann Fuze Portion - Marked "US" - Gettysburg

Item: Partial US Bormann fuze portion - marked "US" - Gettysburg
Construction: Lead and tin.
Condition: Rough, excavated. The condition of this excavated US Bormann time fuze is likely the result of the blast of the artillery shell it was once screwed into and possibly ground action.  Originally a half inch thick round disc with a diameter of approximately 1.6 inches in diameter.  You will see in the additional images the raised letters "US", with the letter "S" backwards, marked near the center of the fuze.
Comments: The top of the disc would have had a series of hash marks and the numbers 1-5 representing the time in seconds the fuze would burn prior to explosion depending on which number was punched by the artilleryman.  An example of this type fuze is pictured and described in the artillery fuze reference book "Artillery Fuses of the Civil War" by Charles H. Jones, on page 23. This fuze was recovered from Gettysburg, PA as evidenced by the old attached tag.  It will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War fuze, artillery, or general relic collection.
Recovered: Gettysburg, PA

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