Confederate Enfield Bullet from Blockade Runner "Modern Greece" - Certificate Included

Offered here is a Confederate Enfield bullet with wood plug recovered from the English steamer "Modern Greece" by diver Bill Epperson of North Carolina. In the early hours of June 27th, 1862 The "Modern Greece", a blockade runner, was attempting to deliver weapons and ammunition to the Confederate troops and ran aground off Fort Fisher, NC while being fired upon by the US Navy. It eventually sank leaving its cargo resting in only a few feet of water. This bullet, recovered from this shipwreck, is in excellent condition with an ashen grey patina and the letter "L" stamped in the base. One of the more amazing aspects about this find is the fact that the wood plugs were also recovered either in or around the bullets. In addition to this, looking closely at the interior walls of the base of some of these bullets, you can still see tiny crystals that were formed, presumably, by chemical reactions while resting for decades in the salt water.  This is an excellent opportunity to own a piece of the cargo from this historic Confederate blockade runner. This bullet will include a certificate of authenticity signed by Bill Epperson. Clicking the thumbnail enlargement images will show this exact bullet with its certificate, pictured with one of the lead ingots, which was also recovered from the Modern Greece by Mr. Epperson in the mid 1960's. These bullets were likely produced from lead ingots such as the one pictured prior to being shipped. To read more about this blockade runner click on this link "Modern Greece". The bullet in the picture is the exact bullet you will receive and it measures approximately .58 x 1.09 inches. Also, to be clear, the bullet pictured with the certificate and lead ingot, and in all of the additional pictures in this listing, is the exact bullet you will receive. This is done primarily for documentation purposes. I was able to acquire only a few of these Enfield bullets directly from Bill Epperson so, if you want additional bullets, each with certificates, in similar condition, please let me know.

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