Pre-Civil War Virginia Militia Coat Button - "Soup Bowl" Published

Backmark: "* RICH * / TREBLE GILT" rm.
Construction: Very high convex, one-piece.
Approximate size: 22 mm.
Condition: Very good, excavated, secure shank present. This difficult to recover "soup bowl" variety of this button has plenty of gilt on its front. Encircling Virtus standing over Tyranny is the Virginia state motto "SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" or "Thus ever to tyrants". The term "soup bowl" is derived from the fact that the button was manufactured into a deeper curved bowl instead of the more common low convex example. The soup bowl variety is much harder to recover than the low convex examples. This example has no cracks, breaks, or repairs.
Remarks: This button was recovered by Ms. Kelley Rea. Kelley is a relic hunter in the Hampton Rhodes area of Virginia and she has managed to pluck four of these buttons from the same yard of a house site. It is believed that all four are most likely from the same coat. The button is pictured in Relic Hunter Magazine in the March - April 2013 issue on page 20 showing Best Finds of 2012.  The button offered here is the button on the right in the picture in the magazine.
Recovered: Bena, VA (Bena is situated in Gloucester, VA across the York River from Yorktown)
Reference: Tice: VA110A2 Albert: VA 3

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