Schenkl Percussion Fuze Parts - Gettysburg

Item: Exploded Schenkl percussion fuze parts - Gettysburg
Construction: Brass
Condition: Fair, excavated. These two parts of a Schenkl fuze are a very close match but is likely a marriage of two separately recovered parts.  What remains of this fuze are its marked top with anvil cap and its main body.  Its slider is no longer present.  On the top portion is clearly stamped "J. P. SCHENKL PAT. OCT. 16. 1861".  The lower main body portion, with safety screw hole, is still nicely rounded with the exception of its bottom which is distorted likely from the blast of the shell.  The green patina of the brass on both parts is a pretty nice match.  The threads on both parts match-up remarkably nice at the break on both pieces making one wonder if the pieces could have originally been together??
Comments: These two parts of a Schenkl fuze, the top and main body, are from a collection that had the pieces displayed together and both recovered from Gettysburg, PA as evidenced by the old attached tag.  This artillery shell will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War artillery or general relic collection.
Approximate size: 2.5 inch (length) 1.25 inch (head diameter)
Recovered: Gettysburg, PA

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