Virginia State Seal Militia Button

Backmark: " * YOUNG . SMITH & Co * / NEW . YORK" rm
Construction: Low convex, one-piece.
Approximate size: 23 mm.
Condition: Very good, excavated, secure shank present. It has an even brown patina.  While the front is worn, the Virginia coat of arms and legend are still visible.  The rear raised back mark is still very clear. There are no bends, cracks, breaks, or repairs.
Comments: Included in the additional images of the button is an image of the digger's index card indicating, in most cases, the button's identification, assessment of condition, recovery date & location and other general information. In the unlikely event where there are discrepancies between the digger's description and Virginia Relic's description, Virginia Relic's description shall be deemed correct.
This example will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War button or general relic collection.
Recovered: March 1988 Orange County, VA
Reference: Tice: VA 105e1 Albert: VA 2

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