Burnside Eagle Plate - Non-Excavated

Item: Non-Excavated US "Burnside" eagle plate.
Construction: Stamped thin sheet brass with solder fill, and iron wire attachment loops.
Condition: Very good.  Its brass face has an aged dull brass patina with no cracks or breaks.  This example has a very well-defined stamping of the eagle holding arrows in its right talon and an olive branch in its other.  The rear has a complete complement of solder and both slightly leaning iron wire attachment loops.  The body of the plate does show some bending from period use.  The plate has no cracks, breaks, or repairs.
Comments: "Burnside" plates are the smallest size of the eagle cross belt plates and are typically much rarer to find either excavated or non-excavated.  It is also evident that non-excavated examples are substantially harder to come by than excavated examples.  They are generally associated with troops from Maine because of the quantity found in 9th Corps camps and battle sites from 1864.  This non-excavated "Burnside" eagle plate will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War plate or general relic collection.
Approximate diameter: 59 mm.


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