Smith Rubber Case Cartridge - Excavated


Item: Smith Rubber Case Cartridge - Excavated
Caliber: .50
Construction: Conical lead bullet with India rubber cartridge.
Condition: Good, excavated, in good solid shape. The visible portion of the bullet is in good shape and has a dirty white patina. The rubber cartridge case is complete and shows shrinkage from ground action. It is rigid and sturdy with two minor longitudinal cracks that extend approximately 3/8 inch from its top. There is no movement between the bullet and the cartridge at is it is securely in place. The ignition flame hole in its base is present. Overall the case is in sound shape and has no repairs. 
Recovered: Harrison's Landing, VA. Harrison's Landing is the site of General George McClellan's camp during the summer of 1862 after the battle of Malvern Hill
Approximate size: 1-3/4 inch length.
Reference:  Similar examples can be found in the following Civil War bullet and cartridge reference books:

  • "Round Ball to Rimfire, Part Three by Dean S. Thomas p. 236, #562.
  • "Civil War Projectiles II Small Arms & Field Artillery with Supplement" by W. Reid McKee and M. E. Mason, Jr. on page 86, item #79.
  • "A Handbook of Civil War Bullets and Cartridges" by James E. Thomas and Dean S. Thomas on page 16-17, #72.

Scans of these pages are included in the additional images.

Comments: While recovering an excavated Smith carbine bullet occurs every now and then, recovering a complete cartridge in this condition after being buried for approximately 160 years, is simply amazing. This excavated cartridge will be an excellent addition to any Civil War cartridge, bullet, or general relic collection.

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