May 25, 2024

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Authentic American Civil War relics

All relics on this site are GUARANTEED to be 100% authentic to the American Civil War unless otherwise stated in their description.

Virginia Civil War Relics offers the unique opportunity to purchase and own original historic American civil war relics actually used by soldiers from the war between the states.

Virginia Civil War Relics offers from its inventory a variety of fine excavated and non-excavated civil war relics from many areas of the country where the civil war took place. Many of the civil war relics found on the Virginia Civil War Relic website have been obtained directly from the individual collector who actually excavated the civil war relic.

On the Virginia Civil War Relic site, from time to time, and as soon as items are available to me, you will find original American Civil War relics, from both the Union and Confederate sides to include: civil war buckles, civil war cartridge box plates, civil war eagle breast plates, confederate civil war buttons, deactivated civil war artillery shells, civil war bullets, civil war cartridges, civil war insignia and various other miscellaneous excavated and non-excavated civil war relics. I guarantee all of my civil war relics to be original American Civil War Relics and I will stand behind this statement 100%. See my Guarantee clause. In the way of paper items I also offer Civil War related books, Civil War currency and copies of rare and hard to find North South Trader's Civil War magazines. I have been collecting civil war relics since the 1960’s and one of my main objectives with this site is not only to continue to offer quality original civil war relics to all who visit the Virginia Civil War Relic website, but also to educate those who visit the site. More importantly, I suppose, is to simply have fun with it.

If in the event you have any questions regarding my available civil war relics, then I encourage you to email me anytime. I am happy to assist you with any additional information which you may need in order to help you make a decision regarding the purchase of a civil war relic or relics. When it comes to certain questions and answers about Civil War relics, I am the first to admit that I will not have all the answers, but I do have 35 years of collecting experience behind me. If I don’t have an answer for you, I will do all I can to research the topic and hopefully find the correct one for you.

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Thank you for visiting Virginia Civil War Relics!