All comments posted with prior customer approval.

“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed your site. I purchased a dug script artillery button off of you some time ago. You may become my main relic haunt as you have an excellent inventory. Your description of items is awesome and navigating the site to make a purchase is easy. Some dealers don't seem to get it.”

Sean Kelly – Glenholden, PA

“Today, I received the three Civil War bullets from you, and I am very satisfied with them, so thank you kindly. Thus, I will notify any of my relatives and friends who happen to be antique collectors, about your honest and eye-catching website. People ought to look at your website first, before going to eBay whenever searching for antique items. Thanks, again.”

Michael Iannicelli – Brooklyn, NY

 “Hello Plez, just wanted to say that you have one of the best websites for C/w relics. And you have fair prices and we'll do business again."

 T.K. Saul , scv-life member, Mississippi

Thanks for the great relic- it looks even better in person!

 Jeff Marcum - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Your website makes brilliant bed-time reading.

 John Oakley – United Kingdom

"I just turned 13 and I recently got this Cartridge Box Plate for me for my birthday from your site. I'm very pleased with it as I'm also a Civil War Relic collector. I've also written a couple books. I also make slideshows about the Civil War, American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, WWI, WWII etc . We were supposed to go to Gettysburg this year but Covid. I just wanted to thank you for the plate and the handwritten note. The shipping, relic, and site are all Top Notch, and I will really enjoy the battle hardened relic.


Colby - Vermont

 "I received the SC State seal coat button that was ordered Saturday.  I wanted to thank you for superior service.  I'm beyond satisfied with the speed of processing and delivery and superb customer service.  Button is exactly as described and will be the first of many items I intend to purchase from you."

Michael "Mickey" Altman - Virginia

"Received the Gardiner explosive bullet today- It is awesome- very cool!! I will happily add it to my relic collection."

Gordon Silleck - New York

"The boxplate I ordered arrived today, and it's fantastic! I am completely satisfied with everything. The condition, service, and price were all top notch. It will look great with the rest of my collection. I look forward to ordering more great relics from you in the future."

Justin Dawson - West Virginia

"Your service is paragon. My "Isaacs and Campbell script I" arrived and I am very pleased."

Sam Patterson - Georgia

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your web site, it is very informative and has helped me identify some of my relics. I live in West Virginia and have relic hunted as a hobby since 1999. It is fun and also a great stress reliever. I was really impressed with "About VCWR" on your web site. Sounds like your father and you had lots of good times out looking for CW relics etc. It really brought back a lot of memories for me when my father and I use to go relic hunting. He died of cancer approx. 3 years ago, and we had lots of great times the last few weeks of his life relic hunting together.Once again, Great Website!"

Mike Sheppard - West Virginia

"I wanted to acknowledge receipt of the plate and saber. I was excited to receive them and even happier after I got the box open and saw them. The box plate is awesome and still has a nice shiny patina and both the attachments are in strong and firm condition . The sabers are in excellent condition and both relics are in better condition then they looked on your website. I am glad I found your website and look forward to purchasing more great relics in the future."

Jeff - Arizona

"Thanks Mr. Bagby for the update. It is a pleasure to do business with you - all relics are first rate and better than described. Wish I could afford to purchase more!!"

Jimmy Bullock - Mississippi

"I received my plates today, and I am very pleased with your quick shipping and the quality of my items. I have just begun collecting, and have purchased several items over the last few months. I will be checking in on your web site, as there are additional items I am looking for. I do look forward to shopping with you in the future."

Hank Rutledge - Alabama

"The ball just arrived. It's gorgeous!"

Tom Zeidner - California

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the plates Saturday and needless to say I was very happy to get them and was pleased with the quality. You have been very efficient and helpful and it was a pleasure dealing with you. Hopefully I can eventually acquire a belt plate. Thank you."

Ron Winters - West Virginia

"Of all the sites, I really like the way you have yours set up. The old North/South Traders is a lot of work but makes it easy for the buyer. Thanks"

Gary - Virginia

"Thanks Plez. I got it today. It is wonderful and just what I was looking for."

Debbie Rose - Virginia

"I don't remember if I e-mailed you already to tell you or not, but I figured I'd rather have you receive two e-mails rather than none... At any rate, the plate has arrived safely and it is beautiful! Thank you very much. I look forward to speaking with you again."

Lou - New Hampshire

"WOW! The quality is outstanding. There is no comparison to what other dealers are selling for the same price or more. Your photos are the best quality and accurately represent the item shown"

Don Adler - Georgia

"Received my package in record time! What a great item to add to my collection--I am really happy with it. Thanks again--what I appreciate the most (as a novice collector) is when a dealer enjoys answering questions & sharing their knowledge about the item in question. I remember one time I went into a small relic shop in Manassas & the owner was surprised that I knew what a finial & knapsack hook were.......he assumed that my husband was the CW collector!"

Brenda Wells - New York

"I got the box plate and am very happy with it. I know my grandson will love it for Xmas. You have a good website." 

Mike - Maryland

"It's an absolute beauty. Gorgeous!" Comment in an email to VCWR upon receiving his maker marked US Buckle.  

Steve Johnson - Arizona 

"Your website is well designed and easy to use with good links. Keep up the good work."

Spruce Hart - North Carolina