Confederate 12 Pounder Case-Shot Fragment with Bormann Fuze

This excavated artillery fragment is a portion of a Confederate 12 pounder case-shot which was recovered from the US position at the Gauley Bridge in West Virginia. This fragment retains a major portion of its Confederate Bormann white metal time fuze and its brass under-plug. The number "2" and several hash lines, indicating seconds and half seconds, are still visible on the fuze. What is most interesting about the shape of the fragment is its near perfect symmetrical pattern. The explosion of this case-shot separated the fragment just above the thin walls of the case-shot surrounding the fuze. According to Peter George, co-author of "Field Artillery Projectiles of the American Civil War", the fuze hole portion was made thicker than the lower walls so as to support the Bormann fuze. This fine excavated Confederate fragment with fuze will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War artillery or general relic collection. It measures approximately 2.9 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 1 pound.


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