Confederate 3 Inch Bourreleted Mullane/Tennessee Sabot Shell


Item: Confederate 3 Inch Bourreleted Mullane/Tennessee-Sabot Shell.
Construction: Cast iron and copper disc sabot.
Fuzing: Wood fuze adaptor, with paper time fuze.
Approximate size: Weight: 6.4 pounds.  Diameter: 2.94 inches.  Length: 7 3/8 inches.
Condition: Very good, fired, excavated, with a moderately pitted iron body. Its wood fuze adaptor is not present. A copper plate sabot is present and may or may not be original to the shell. While all three base iron pins are present, its center sabot attachment bolt is not.  According to Peter George, co-author of "Field Artillery Projectiles of the American Civil War", the iron pins protruding from the base of the shell into the corresponding holes of the copper plate sabot were to prevent the sabot from simply spinning around the center bolt upon firing. It has no repairs, has been deactivated, and is ready for display.
Recovered: Unknown
Comments: Also noted and explained by Mr. Peter George is the reason for the larger area of missing iron on one side of the shell's surface. He explained that during the casting process, the impurities in the molten iron would rise and collect at the mold's vent hole on the shell's surface. This caused the iron in that area to be more vulnerable to corrosion which explains the greater loss of surface iron at this part of the shell. The shell's iron was clear coated at some point to prevent further deterioration. This Confederate artillery shell will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War artillery or general relic collection.

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