Cavalry Crossed Sabers Hat Insignia


Item: Cavalry "Crossed Sabers" Hat Insignia
Construction: Stamped thin sheet brass with soldered on wire loops.
Condition: Good, excavated, three of four wire attachment loops still remain. The brass has a rich brown patina with yellow soil remaining in several areas. The lower section of one of the scabbards, where it intersects with the other scabbard, is cracked and barely connected. Amazingly however, it is still somewhat solidly attached with no movement, however, the device must still be handled with great care. The rest of the insignia is in good solid shape and can easily be handle by the sword grips or the other fully connected lower scabbard section. There is an overall mild inward bend to the body. There are no repairs or other cracks. 
Approximate size: 1-15/16 x 3-1/2 inch.
Recovered: Just west of Malvern Hill, VA.
Reference: Examples of similar cavalry hat insignia can be found in the following relic reference books:

  • "American Military Headgear Insignia" by J. Duncan Campbell and Michael J. O'Donnell on page 200.
  • "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War" by Stanley S. Phillips on page 90, figure 6.
  • "Civil War Artifacts" by Howard R. Crouch on page 154, figure 5.

See scans of the above pages in the additional images. 

Comments:  A display case will be included with this insignia at no additional charge. It was acquired directly from the local Virginia digger. These devices are rarely found in this condition anymore and this example will be an excellent addition to any Civil War insignia, cavalry, uniform, or general relic collection.

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