Civil War Campsite Relic Display - Large


This large Civil War relic display includes excavated campsite items all recovered from various areas of the Petersburg, VA campaign. They were acquired directly from the Virginia relic hunter who kept detailed records of his finds. Included in this display are (top row left-right): Poncho & Tent Eyelets, Eating Utensils, Knapsack Parts; (middle row L-R): Glass Bottle Lips, Percussion Caps, U.S. Eagle I Buttons; (bottom row L-R): Portion of Oil Lamp, Waist Belt Keeper, and Harmonica Reeds. The glass top display case, measuring approximately 12-1/4 x 16-1/4 inches, will be included. The items are held in place by the pressure of the glass top resting upon the items and the rear felt covered batting material. The case and its glass top are secured by straight pins on either side of the box. These campsite relics will be an excellent display for any office, den, or family room, and will also be a great gift for the American history buff.

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