Confederate Frame Waist Belt Buckle - Heavy Thick Type - High Quality


Item: Confederate Frame Waist Belt Buckle - Heavy Thick Type - High Quality
Construction: Solid cast brass. 
Condition: Excellent, excavated, complete with fixed triangular tongues. The brass has a pleasing deep woodsy dusty green patina. Beveled inner edges and edges of fixed tongues. Finishing file marks can be found on top, bottom, outer edges, and inside cross bar. The additional images will show the manufacturing crudeness typical of Confederate military products. There are no cracks, breaks, bends, or repairs.
Recovered: Tupelo, MS area.
Approximate size:
 57 x 71 mm. 
Reference: Other similar, but not exact, examples of standard frame buckles are pictured in:

  • "Plates and Buckles of the American Military 1795-1874", by Sydney C. Kerksis on page 555.
  • "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War" by Stanley S. Phillip, page 49, item 5.
  • "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War - Supplement One" by Stanley S. Phillips, page 25, item 2.
  • "Confederate General Service Accoutrement Plates" by Lon W. Keim, M.D. on page 212
  • "Civil War Artifacts" by Howard Crouch, page 222, item 5.
  • "Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates" by Steve E. Mullinax on page 84, plate 149 (also in later "Expanded Edition" of same book on page 97, plate 170).

Scans of the above noted reference book pages are included in the additional images.

Comments: The old typed tag, which will accompany the plate, indicates the type of buckle, date of recovery, and location. According to Lon W. Keim, M.D., author of "Confederate General Service Accoutrement Plates", these buckles were "perhaps the most reliable of all Civil War accoutrement plates. Without movable parts or soldered hooks, these sturdy plates were virtually impervious to the rigors of field wear." If you are looking for a high quality Confederate heavy frame buckle, then this example will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War buckle, plate or general relic collection.

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