Confederate Cavalry Saber

This Confederate saber for enlisted cavalrymen was an early “pick-up” in 1878 from the vicinity of the Antietam battlefield. It is copied after the US Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber. It is unmarked and has a 34-inch curved blade with unstopped fuller. The brass knuckle guard has 3 branches. The front of the counterguard is slightly turned down and has a lip around the bottom outer edge of the surface. This lip is not found on US models, and is only found on the counterguards of sabers and swords of Confederate edged weapons made by the contractor Boyle, Gamble and MacFee of Richmond. The wood grip is slightly curved with a leather wrap bound with a heavy gage untwisted brass wire. The pommel cap has the typical size and profile of those made by Confederate edged weapons contractors, including Boyle, Gamble and MacFee of Richmond, VA. Although the company markings do not appear on the cavalry sabers made for enlisted men, experts have determined this saber is the product of the above mentioned manufactory. A full description of this can be found in William Albaugh’s book “Confederate Edged Weapons”. Reference Figure 11.  Condition: The iron blade is rough and fairly evenly pitted for most of its length.  However, the iron is not flaking and appears to be very stable. The brass parts are smooth with a mixed light and darker green patina. The wood grip has a noticeable lengthwise crack that can be seen in places where the leather wrap is tattered. The heavy gage, untwisted brass wire, holding the leather, is in place and complete. This Confederate cavalry saber will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War weapon or general relic collection.



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