Confederate 3 inch "Short Pattern" Broun Shell - Original Wood Fuze Plug


Item: Confederate 3 inch "short pattern" Broun shell including its original wood fuze plug.
 Cast iron with copper band sabot.
  Wood fuze plug/adaptor for paper time fuze.
Approximate size:
 Weight: 8.2 pounds. Diameter: 2.94 inches. Length: 7.5 inches.
 Very good, excavated, with light surface pitting and rust build-up. A substantial portion of the shell's original wood fuze plug/adaptor is still lodged in the shell nose. The shell's thin copper sabot is intact and has two slits, or saw cuts, which aided in the expansion of the sabot into gun's grooves.  This shell has been very lightly clear coated, professionally deactivated, and has not been repaired.  
 Amelia County, VA along Lee's retreat route to Appomattox.
 According to Dickey & George's, "Field Artillery Projectiles of the American Civil War" 1993 edition on page 132, "Captain William LeRoy Broun, commanding the Richmond Arsenal, patented his 3" Rifle projectile in April 1864. The nose is blunter to increase its wind resistance, which it was thought would help stabilize the flight of heavy-based shells. The Confederates later adopted this principle for their 20- & 30-Pdr. Parrott Rifle rounds. He dispensed with the usual body ring above the base, making the sabot wider in diameter to act as the lower bourrelet. Two saw-cuts were added for flame grooves. The Broun projectile's first appearance is at 2nd Cold Harbor, Virginia, May 1864." The artillery shell offered here is brand new to the market and was just acquired from the digger's estate. It will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War artillery or general relic collection.



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