Confederate Forked Tongue Buckle - Frame Only


Item: Confederate Forked Tongue Buckle - Frame Only
Construction: Sand cast brass.
Condition: Very good, excavated, forked tongue missing from center bar. This brass frame buckle has a green patina and a mild wave likely from period use. Though difficult to see in my images, the edge of one end of the frame shows distinct file marks made during its manufacture. These marks are visible in hand with a good light. There are no cracks, breaks, or repairs.
Recovered: Brandy Station, VA
Approximate size:  65 x 95 mm.
Comments: A "fork" shaped, or "U" shaped, or two single straight shaped tongues will be an appropriate addition to complete this buckle if in the event you have, or can acquire, one. According to "Confederate General Service Accoutrement Plates" by Lon W. Keim, M.D. on page 271, regarding "Frame Buckles - Moveable Tongue - Forked Tongue Buckle", the author writes: "One of the distinctive types of Confederate issue accoutrement plates was the frame buckle with a moveable forked tongue. Both tongue and frame were constructed from sand cast brass, providing a sturdy, lightweight and practical piece of equipment. Its simple design and composition made for ease of manufacture, and production of this utilitarian plate was widespread. This style of buckle was produced in varying sizes, here grouped small, medium and large in ascending order." An example of this plate can be found in the above mentioned reference book on page 245 as figure 400. This buckle will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War plate or general relic collection.


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