Confederate Scabbard Mount with Ring


This excavated brass mount and iron ring is part of a Confederate sword scabbard. While the brass mount was affixed to the scabbard, the dangling iron ring connected the sword to the sword belt rig which allowed the sword and scabbard to be suspended from the soldier's waist. The brass ring portion is in very good condition and now has a pleasing dusty brown patina. The iron ring is now fixed in place due to ground action. It is moderately eroded from the effects of oxidation but is complete. 

An example of a similar excavated brass mount and iron ring, on a Confederate scabbard, is found in the following relic reference book:

  • "Civil War Artifacts" by Howard R. Crouch on page 80, figure 7.

See scans of the above pages in the additional images. 

The approximate measurements are as follows:

Brass oval ring:
- interior length: 38.47 mm. (at longest point)
- interior width:  18.74 mm. (at widest point)
- exterior length: 56.20 mm. (overall brass ring only)

Iron ring:
- exterior diameter: 35.63 mm. (varies due to oxidation)
- interior diameter:  25.28 mm. (varies due to oxidation)

This Confederate scabbard mount was recovered in the area of Brandy Station, VA. There are no repairs and it will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War sword or general relic collection.

Confederate Scabbard Mount & Ring
 This brass scabbard mount with iron ring would have been affixed to a Confederate iron sword scabbard.  While the brass ring portion was mounted to scabbard, the dangling iron ring was connected to the straps that carried the sword and scabbard.  The iron ring has, with age and ground action, has now affixed itself such that it won't move.  This cool Confederate relic is often sought after by relic sword collectors who may need this part to display along side their sword or scabbard.  The inside of the brass oval ring measures approximately 43.14 mm. lengthwise and 19.44 mm. in width.  The exterior length of the entire brass ring measures approximately 64.65 mm. and its exterior width is approximately 26.47 mm.  The iron ring measures approximately 36-37 mm. depending on placement of the calipers due to rust build-up in various areas.   There are no cracks, breaks, bends, or repairs and this scabbard mount & ring will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War sword or general relic collection.

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