Confederate Wreath for Two-Piece Belt Buckle

Item: Excavated Confederate wreath for two-piece "CS" tongue and wreath belt plate.
Construction: Cast brass.
Condition: Good, excavated, complete. The brass has aged into a very pleasing dusty green patina.  There is a wave in the wreath that will still accept a tongue but will not allow it to lay flat. There is a period stress crack on the rear where the keeper bar meets the wreath but this does not affect the wreath's structural integrity.  There are no breaks or repairs.
Comments:  This wreath was acquired directly from the digger.  Included in this listing are four additional images of the wreath coupled with a CS tongue (not included) to demonstrate how the wreath will currently accept a tongue.  As you will see, the tongue will not lay flat due to the wave in the wreath.  This wreath could be professionally straightened and matched with a tongue to become an absolutely gorgeous buckle.  Also included is an image of the wreath which shows multiple measurements should you have a "CS" tongue you are attempting to match it with.  This wreath will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War buckle or general relic collection.  The CS tongue pictured with the wreath in the additional images is not included.
Recovered: Port Republic, VA
Approximate size: See additional images for several measurements.


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