Exploded Federal Bormann Time Fuze


This exploded Federal Bormann time fuze was recovered in the Trevilians, VA area. The condition of this excavated Bormann time fuze is mainly the result of the blast of the artillery shell it was once screwed into. The fuze was originally a 1/2 inch thick round disc with a diameter of approximately 1.6 inches. The top of the disc would have had a series of raised hash marks and numerals 1-5 representing the time in seconds the fuze would burn prior to explosion depending on which number was punched by the artilleryman. Between being constructed of the soft metal combination of lead and tin, and the resulting damage from the explosion, its raised hashmarks and numbers are nearly all gone. In one area on the top of the fuze, a hashmark and the lower portion of the number "5" just above, are still visible (see additional images). The fuze threads, while distorted, are visible. The center portion of the fuze with wrench holes, is still connected. There are no repairs.

A similar example of an exploded Bormann fuze, as well as complete Bormann fuzes, are pictured in:

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See above pages in the additional images.

This very cool artillery relic will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War artillery display, fuze, or general relic collection.

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