Fancy Civilian Bridle Rosette

Item: Fancy Civilian Bridle Rosette
Construction: Believed to be brass and solder.
Use: Decorative
Approximate size: 1-7/8 inch diameter.
Condition: Very good, excavated, attachment loop present. The front has no cracks or breaks, and though the digger noted in his written records that the front is "brass with gold gilt", it appears to have more of a silver hue. In the center of the device is a cotter pin that extends from the front to the rear. There are faint lines, measuring approximately 3/4 inch in diameter, encircling the front center indicating that the cotter pin likely held an additional circular decorative device which is now missing. The scalloped rim edge of the device is complete. The rear has a near complete complement of solder and includes its original attachment loop which is now bent. The rear is marked in black lettering on what is believed to typewriter "white-out". The device has no repairs.
Recovered: IV Corps, 2nd Division camp, Charles City County, VA.

Reference: Various examples of similar but not exact rosettes are found in the following relic reference books:

  • "Civil War Artifacts" by Howard Crouch on pages 133-135.
  • "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War" by Stanley S. Phillips on pages 83, 84, & 86.
  • "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War Supplement One" by Stanley S. Phillips on pages 61, 62, & 64.

See scans of the above pages in the additional images. 

Comments: This bridle rosette was acquired directly from the digger's family. Included in the additional images is an image of the digger's index card for this relic indicating, in most cases, the relic's identification, assessment of condition, recovery date & location, and other general information. An image of this index card will be included along with the description and image of the relic. If you appreciate that excavated appearance with detailed written provenance in the digger's own hand, then this relic is for you. It will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War campsite or general relic collection.

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