Federal Cavalry Coat Button


Item: Federal Cavalry Coat Button
Backmark: Difficult to see, but believed to be a SCOVILL / WATERBURY dm.
Construction: High convex, two-piece.
Approximate size: 23 mm.
Condition: Excellent, excavated, secure shank present. This very solid button is covered with gilt with no pushes, cracks, breaks, or repairs.
Recovered: Wilderness, VA area.
Reference: Tice: CV215A Albert: CV 1
Comments: This button will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War button or general relic collection.
Additional information: According to "Uniform Buttons of the United States 1776-1865" by Warren K. Tice, regarding Federal Cavalry:

"During the American Revolution, troopers were called "cavalry", but it was not until 1855 that Congress reorganized Cavalry as an official military arm and created two regiments. In 1861, they formed a third cavalry regiment, and all bodies of dragoons and mounted riflemen were converted to cavalry. In 1861, the troopers were placed in a single cavalry corps. Shortly after Congress created the cavalry in 1855, the use of letters to signify service arms on enlisted men's buttons was abolished. Officer's continued to use the buttons with the letters "C" until 1902, when the Army adopted a plain Great Seal device for all ranks and arms."

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