Federal Sword Belt Plate


Item: Federal Sword Belt Plate
Construction: Cast brass with integral eagle motif and tongue.  Applied three piece nickel-silver wreath (now missing). 
Condition: Very good, excavated. Its brass has a very pleasing dusty deep green-brown patina. The front, with its stippled background, shows a detailed eagle clutching arrows in its left talons and an olive branch in its right, along with raised rays and stars above the eagle. Its applied three piece nickel-silver wreath is missing which is typical for excavated examples. The belt attachment bar is present and the benchmark number of "682" is clearly stamped on the upper portion of the belt attachment tongue. There are no cracks, bends, or repairs.
Approximate size: 52 x 85 mm.
Reference:  A similar, but not exact, example of this plate can be found in "American Military Belt Plates" by O'Donnell and Campbell on page 376 as plate 617. A scan of this page is included in the additional images. 
Comments: This solid sword belt plate has a great look and will be an excellent addition to any Civil War plate or general relic collection.

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