Large Side Knife

This large excavated side knife, measuring approximately 16-1/2 inches in overall length, was recovered between Brandy Station and Remington, VA. Constructed of iron, including its guard, this fighting implement was likely blacksmith made and Confederate carried. The iron is in good, stable condition and, after being buried and in the elements for about 150 years, its original straight-edge blade has weathered into a serrated edge giving it an even more deadly appearance. Its handle is no longer present, but the tang remains. The blade itself measures approximately 11-1/2 inches in length and is 1-3/4 inches at its widest point. The tang is approximately 5 inches in length and the cross guard is 2-5/8 inches in length. A similar example is pictured in Stanley S. Phillip's book "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War Supplement One" on page 126 as item #4. Other side knife examples can also be found in the fourth printing of Phillip's first book, "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War" on pages 158-163. This large side knife will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War weapon or general relic collection.


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