"Star of Stars" Militia Belt Plate, ca. 1818-1830


Item: "Star of Stars" Militia Belt Plate, ca. 1818-1830
Design: A raised spread wing eagle with lined shield, holding three arrows in its right talons and an olive branch in its left, all over a panoply of arms which include crossed cannon barrels, bayonets, pikes, and a stack of six visible cannonballs. Directly above the eagle's head is a five pointed star with 20 six-pointed stars. 
Construction: Die-struck rolled brass plate with applied brass tongue and belt loop bar with two iron tangs. 
Condition: Very good, excavated. The front has a pleasing dusty green-brown patina. There is some minor inward bending in the body of the plate. The rear is missing its belt attachment tongue, belt loop bar, and tangs. There are no cracks or repairs.
Approximate size:
63 x 69 mm.
Recovered:  Fluvanna County, VA.
Reference: A similar examples are found in the following reference books:

  • "American Military Belt Plates" by Michael J. O'Donnell and J. Duncan Campbell, on page 403, as plate 161.
  • "Civil War Artifacts" by Howard Crouch, page 186, item 5. 

See the above pages in the additional images.

Comments:  This early militia buckle will be an excellent addition to any excavated pre-Civil War plate or general relic collection.

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