.58 Caliber 3-Ring Pulled "Blow-Thru"


This excavated .58 caliber 3-ring pulled "blow-thru" bullet is a unique relic and a Virginia recovery. Due to the thin walls of the bullet nose, caused by improper casting, the force of the firing caused the bullet to be "blown-through". Rarely are bullets recovered with this type of defect and blown out nose, but when recovered, it is typically the Confederate Gardner bullet. Finding a three-ring example is indeed a greater rarity. In addition to all of this, this example needed to be extracted from the barrel as well. The top bullet view shows a hole with screw threads indicating that a ball screw (or puller) type bullet extractor attached to the end of a ramrod was used to remove it from the gun barrel. This pulled "blow-thru" bullet has an overall white surface patina and measures 1.47 inches in length and .57 in diameter. It will be an excellent educational or display piece for any excavated Civil war bullet or general relic collection.

Reference:  Other examples of "blow-thru" bullets are pictured in the following Civil War relic reference books:

  • "Civil War Projectiles Small Arms & Field Artillery" by W. Reid McKee and M. E. Mason, Jr. on page 83, items 21 & 25.
  • "Civil War Projectiles II Small Arms & Field Artillery with Supplement" by W. Reid McKee and M. E. Mason, Jr. on page 74, items 1 & 3.
  • "A Handbook of Civil War Bullets and Cartridges" by James E. Thomas and Dean S. Thomas on page 44, #163.
  • "Some Civil War Bullets 2" by Thomas J. Stelma, page 165, items 06-152.

These pages are included in the additional images.

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