Federal 3-inch Hotchkiss Case-Shot Shell Nose, Fuze Adaptor, and Sabot Display


Item: Federal 3-inch Hotchkiss Case-Shot Shell Nose, Fuze Adaptor, and Sabot Display
Cannon: 3-inch ordnance rifle
Construction: Case shot
Approximate diameter: 2.86 inches
Approximate length: 7-1/2 inches
Approximate weight: 6.6 pounds
Fuzing: Brass adaptor for paper time fuze. 
Sabot: Lead band.
Condition: Excavated, fired. The exterior shell's surface is mostly smooth. A portion of the nose is missing exposing its contents of black pitch matrix and lead case-shot balls. The original sabot is present but distorted. A Hotchkiss fuze adaptor, of incorrect size, was added and secured in place with adhesive (See Comments section below). Its base cup was not recovered. The shell is supported by a homemade wood stand for display purposes and is included. The shell is inactive and ready for display. 
Recovered: Unknown
Comments: According to Peter George, co-author of "Field Artillery Projectiles of the American Civil War", the Hotchkiss fuze adaptor present, is the incorrect size for this shell. The correct adaptor would have a slightly larger thread diameter of 1.06 inches instead. An excavated Hothkiss fuze adaptor, of the correct size, is pictured with the shell in the additional images and may be purchased separately for an additional $65.00. Additional images of this correct adaptor can be viewed by clicking here. Also noted by Pete George is the shape of the sabot, with its upwards flare, indicates that the shell likely landed base first. This shell with stand will be an excellent educational display piece and addition to any excavated artillery or general relic collection. 

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