Confederate Cavalry Coat Button - Lined "C"


Item: Confederate Cavalry Coat Button - Lined "C"
Backmark: Blank
Design: Lined roman "C" on a plain field.
Construction: Convex, two-piece.
Approximate size: 23 mm.
Condition: Very good, excavated, secure shank present. Pleasing overall even rich chocolate brown patina with a possible slight push (see comments below) to the center-right front. It has no cracks, breaks, or repairs.
Recovered: Cumberland Church area, Cumberland County, VA. 
Reference: Tice: CSC203A4 Albert: CS 127
Comments: Regarding the above mentioned push to the center-right front, after looking at this button from every angle possible, I am unsure that it actually has a push, however, I will ere on the side of caution and disclose that it might. This button was acquired directly from the local Virginia digger. Interestingly, the engagement at Cumberland Church is considered to be the last battle victory for the Confederacy prior to Lee's surrender at Appomattox. It will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War button or general relic collection.

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