Plain Bridle Rosette - Marked "RV"


Item: Plain Bridle Rosette - Marked "RV"
Construction: Brass and solder.
Use: Decorative
Approximate size: 1-5/8 inch diameter.
Condition: Excellent, excavated, attachment loop present. The brass front has a pleasing chocolate brown patina with the letters "RV" lightly etched into the surface. The surface is smooth with a very small bump opposite one of the rear attachment hooks. Its rear solder is nearly complete with exception of minor surface flaking and its iron attachment loop is complete and straight up. The device has no bends, breaks, or repairs.
Recovered: Confederate camp in Culpeper County, VA.

Reference: Examples of similar excavated rosettes are found in the following relic reference books:

  • "Civil War Artifacts" by Howard Crouch on page 134, figure 8 and also on page 135, figure 7.
  • "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War" by Stanley S. Phillips on page 83, figures 4 & 6.

See scans of the above pages in the additional images. 

Comments:  It has been suggested that the initials could represent "Richmond Volunteers" or possibly a name or location. Whichever the case, this personalized bridle rosette will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War campsite, trail, battlefield, or general relic collection.

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