Relic Model 1840 Musician’s Sword

This model 1840 musicians sword is an excellent relic with a great history. The information that came with this sword, documents that it was an artifact that was in the well-known private collection of William T. Ziegler.  Ziegler was a Gettysburg resident who served with the Union Army during the Civil War. Sometime after his return home he began to search the battlefield for relics and artifacts and was able to amass a large collection which he often displayed at patriotic and other events. After he died the collection remained in his family until 1975 when it was sold to a Gettysburg retail business. The collection was then sold item by item to the general public. The sword has a brass grip that is slightly loose. The single branch handguard fits snugly into the pommel cap. These brass parts have a very dark aged patina. The iron blade is broken off 17-1/4 inches from the handguard. The remaining portion of the blade is rusted but stable and is slightly off center to the left. This relic, from the great battle of Gettysburg, will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War sword, weapon, battlefield, or general relic collection.


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