Snake Buckle

This excavated English service "snake" buckle is in very good condition and was recovered Kennesaw Mountain, GA. It is constructed of cast brass and its belt loops are connected by an "S" shaped hook designed as a two headed duck-billed serpent which also has the appearance of a snake. The "S" is closed at one end and open at the other in order to hook and unhook the two ends of the belt. The brass has aged into a very pleasing brown patina with scattered areas of yellowed soil. While these buckles saw use by both Federal and Confederate troops, according to the buckle reference book "Plates and Buckles of the American Military 1795 - 1874" by Sydney C. Kerksis, on page 441, regarding this style belt plate, "Among the many other military items run through the blockade during the Civil War, for use by the Confederate armed forces were a fair number of English service waist belts." A picture of a similar snake buckle is also found on page 441. Another example of a similar snake buckle is found in the second edition of O'Donnell and Campbell's "American Military Belt Plates", as plate 913 on page 541 and also other similar examples are found in "Confederate General Service Accoutrement Plates" by Lon W. Keim, M.D. on pages 285-290. Keeper heights are approximately 56 & 57 mm and the overall approximate length of the entire buckle is 90 mm. This buckle has no cracks, breaks, bends, or repairs and will be an excellent addition to any Civil War belt plate or general relic collection.


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