Soldier's Field Made ID Tag


Item: Soldier's Field Made ID Tag
Construction: Flattened lead (due to similar, but not exact weight measurements, it is likely from a .69 caliber round ball).
Description: The disc has faintly carved writing on both sides. Only a portion of the writing is legible. On three lines, on one side, is possibly be a name on the first line, then "Co A  7" and finally "Re". On the other side is believed to be a name with the last 4-5 letters "onley" visible. A small hole appears to have been intentionally made in the disc. 
Approximate size:
Diameter varies from 1-3/4 to 1-7/8 inches.
Recovered: Chancellorsville, VA area. 
Similar examples of field made lead ID tags can be found in the following relic reference book: 

  • "Excavated Artifacts from Battlefields and Campsites of The Civil War 1861-1865" by Stanley S. Phillips on pages 195-197.

Scans of the above reference book pages are included in the additional images.

Comments: This field made tag was acquired directly from the digger who provided additional specific information as to its recovery that will be passed along to the purchaser. Included is a small sheet of tracing paper that the digger used to extract the carving on one side. Also printed at the bottom of the paper is: "1st Corps, 3d Div, 2d Bde". The digger shared his limited research as follows:

"The writing at the bottom of the piece of paper is a result from my researching the name and unit of the federal soldier on it.  My sequence to this information was: to research what units were in this area that had A Co, 7th Regt; the result was a Penns reserve regiment which was re-designated to this information at the bottom [of the tracing paper] and this is the last info I could determine from my records."

Included in the additional images is a scanned image of the digger (on far left), with his hunting buddies and their detectors. The ID tag and paper will come in a 5 1/8 (W) x 6 1/4 (L) x 3/4 (D) inch glass top display case which will be included. The items are held in place by the pressure of the glass top resting upon the items and the rear felt covered batting material. The case and its glass top are secured by straight pins on either side of the box. This field made tag will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War personal item, campsite, battlefield, or general relic collection.

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