The Illustrated History of American Civil War Relics

Title: The Illustrated History of American Civil War Relics
Authors: Sylvia & O'Donnell
Construction: Hardcover
Pages: 319
Dustcover: None
Approximate size: 8-5/8 x 11-1/4 inches
Condition: Previously owned, but in good solid shape. Previous owner's name & address blacked out on inside front cover. An old price tag remains on inside cover and the bibliography has minor underling in red.
This previously owned book is a must have for the Civil War relic collector. Five Chapters to include: (I) War Years, (II) Post-War Collecting, (III) The Eyeballers, (IV) Advent of Metal Detecting, & (V) Centennial Expansion. These chapters include tons of great information with stories, descriptions, and pictures with sections on (Chapter I) Charleston Harbor, The Militia, Bull Run, Federal Infantry, Confederate Infantry, War at Sea, Spring 1862, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Confederate Artillery, Chancellorsville Spring 1863, Gettysburg, Federal Artillery, Vicksburg, Special Services, Camplife, Sutlers’ Wares, The Sanitary Fairs, Spring 1864, Federal Cavalry, Confederate Cavalry, Medical Department, Spring 1865, Appomattox, (Chapter II) Re-interment, Farm Relics, Veteran Collectors, Cotton & Hills Exchange Hotel, Samuel C. Wright, Gettysburg Collectors, A. E. Brooks, Charles F. Gunther, The Relic Moguls, Veterans' Organizations, Loyal Legion War Museum, The Confederate Museum, (Chapter III) The Great Encampments, Veterans' Post Collections, Early Relic Museums, William J. Chewning, Gettysburg Museums, The Gettysburg National Museum, Battlefield Parks, Civilian Conservation Corps, A Special Color Portfolio, Weapons, The "Eyeballers", The New Historians, Battlefield Manoeuvers, Re-enactments, (Chapter IV) The Pioneers, Excavated Weapons, Accoutrement Plates, Cartridge and Cap Boxes, Modern Museums, Artillery, Moguls: End of an Era, "Basement" Dealers, Buttons, North-South Skirmish Association, Pre-Centennial Expansion, (Chapter V) The Centennial, The New Breed, A Special Relic Portfolio to include: Infantry Relics, Camp Relics, Cavalry, Bog Relics, Spring 1863, Artillery, Soldiers' Fabrications, 1864 Campaigns, Special Branches, Buttons, Retreat and Surrender Relics, The Old Collectors, Contemporary Museums, National Park Service, Relic Hunter's Clubs, The Relic Shows, and finally Authors and Collectors. Acknowledgements, Foreword, Preface, Table of Contents, Bibliography, Footnotes, and Index also included.


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