U.S. Model 1860 Cavalry Saber with Scabbard - Bleckmann

This rare edged weapon was manufactured by J. E. Bleckmann in 1861 in Solingen, Prussia, which eventually became a part of Germany. Though not yet proven, it is widely believed that Bleckmann was under contract with the highly regarded American Sword and Saber maker, Ames Manufacturing Co. of Chickopee, MA, in order to complete that company's 1861 contract for sabers with the U.S. Government. This saber has an approximate 34-3/4 inch blade that fits snugly into the scabbard. The ricasso is dated “1861” and clearly displays the Bow and Arrow Bleckmann Company logo with the letters “B” & “M” stamped inside the bow. The leather washer remains in place below the hand guard. The blade is smooth with a dull silvery aged patina, which is correct for a blade that has been kept in a scabbard. The brass hilt or hand guard, with three branches, shows no damage and is smooth with a gray/green even patina. The underside of the guard has a brownish tint. The pommel cap is tightly in place and its color matches the guard. The blade tang is smooth where it attaches to the top of the pommel and shows no tampering. The wood grip with swell is securely in place, with a split that runs down the full length of the wood, and there are small remnants of the leather wrap near the pommel but no wire wrap remains that once adorned this weapon. The scabbard is complete with an overall reddish-brown patina. It shows use in that the rings have some minor thinning and both sides of the scabbard have dents near the drag. This rare untouched attic relic saber will be an excellent addition to any Civil War edged weapon or general relic collection.



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