US Cartridge Box Plate - Carved Flag


Item: US Cartridge Box Plate - Carved Flag
Use: Cartridge box plates were attached to the outer flap of the soldier's cartridge box. Not only ornamental but more practically used as a weight to keep the cartridge box flap closed to prevent cartridge loss. See the additional images in this listing for an image showing its use.
Stamped thin sheet brass, with solder fill, and iron attachment loops.
Very good, excavated. Its brass front, with its raised letters "US", has an overall smooth dusty chocolate brown patina, including the area where the rim is curled towards the rear. This rim curl appears to be a period disfigurement, as the solder under the curl is undisturbed and appears as smooth as it did when the plate was issued. The rear solder is complete with the exception of minor surface flaking near another area the rim. Carved into the solder is a square flag divided into eight sections with light cross hatching found inside six of the eight sections. Both iron attachment loops are present and nearly straight up. The plate has no cracks, breaks, or repairs.
Recovered: Unknown
Approximate size:
 56 x 88 mm.
 This fine looking cartridge box plate, with soldier artwork and disfigurement, will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War plate, campsite, or general relic collection.

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