Battle of Front Royal

Other Name: Guard Hill, Cedarville

Campaign: Jackson's Valley Campaign

Date(s): March-June 1862

Principal Commanders: Colonel John Kenly [US] Major General Thomas Jackson [CS]

Forces Engaged: 0 total (US 0; CS 0;)

Estimated Casualties: 960 total (US 904; CS 56;)


On May 23, Confederate forces, spearheaded by the Louisiana "Tigers" and the 1st Maryland, surprised and overran the pickets of a 1,000-man Union garrison under Col. Kenly at Front Royal. Driven through the town, the Federals made a stand on Camp Hill and again at Guard Hill after attempting to fire the river bridges. Outnumbered and outflanked, Kenly continued the retreat to Cedarville, where two cavalry charges led by Maj. Flournoy broke the roadblock and routed the Union force. Nearly 900 Federals surrendered. Jackson's victory at Front Royal forced the Union army under Banks at Strasburg into a rapid retreat towards Winchester.

Results: Confederate Victory