Dyer Time Fuze Adaptor

According to Charles H. Jones' reference book "Artillery Fuses of the Civil War", "Before the war began, simple threaded adaptors made of zinc (or white metal) which held paper time fuses were designed by General Alexander B. Dyer to accompany his case-shot and shells. Records show that Dyer projectiles were employed as early as 1859 when the government tested its new 3-inch Ordnance rifles. Between 1861 and 1863, more than a hundred thousand Dyer projectiles and fuses were purchased. A small quantity was equipped with brass Schenkl percussion fuses. Field reports complained about the Dyer projectile's unreliability, consequently manufacture had largely been discontinued by 1864. Considerable use of captured Dyers with original zinc fuses or CS copper fuse adaptors has been documented. This confused many early collectors who called this projectile (and fuse) a "Burton"."