Francis X. Ganter

Francis X. Ganter  1849-1913

Francis X. Ganter was born in Freiburg, Briesgau, Baden Germany to Peter Ganter and Albertine  (Georgii) both of Freiburg until emigrating to the US in 1872. Francis manufactured show cases, bar fixtures, billiard supplies, as well as store and office furniture. He operated a large manufacturing firm in downtown Baltimore, located at 9-13 W. Pratt Street, with a second location at 617 Columbia Avenue (now Washington Boulevard). In Frieburg his father was a cabinet maker and glacier, having a large establishment and doing an extensive business. Mr. Ganter came to this country in 1870, two years before his parents. He located in Baltimore and in 1876 began business for himself on Hanover Street, at that time manufacturing showcases only. He became known as one of the premier case builders in the US. His main factory was on Pratt Street, however, he expanded an additional 86,000 square feet when he purchased adjoining factory to the Wilkins Tobacco Factory. This factory was under the supervision of Ganter himself and was said to be the best equipped manufacturing his line in the US.

He was the sole inventor and patentee of twenty-four inventions, some of which were exclusively used by his factory. Mr. Ganter, besides his business here, had, at one time, branches at 351 Canal street. New York: 40 N. Fourth street, Philadelphia, and 446 Pennsylvania avenue, N. W., Washington, D. C, furnishing the greatest number of cases used in the North, East and South. He also exported throughout the entire world from his New York facility.

Mr. Ganter was married to Christine Ganter and together they had four children, Charles F. W. and Arthur Ganter, both joining their father’s business, Josephine and Victoria. The family was Protestent and Mr. Ganter a member of the Masons. The family resided at 632 N. Gilmor Street in Baltimore.