Garysburg, NC

Garysburg, NC is situated approximately 62 miles directly south of Petersurg, VA just over the VA/NC state border. During the Civil War, Garysburg was important because of the Petersburg Railroad. A camp was established for Confederate troops north of the town and trenches were dug near the river bridge to protect it from attack. The Methodist Episcopal Church was converted into a hospital and used by Confederate soldiers from North Carolina and Virginia, some of whom are buried in the church’s courtyard. Following the war, Garysburg was still a prosperous town. The editor of a Petersburg, Va newspaper wrote in 1881: “…We made the Garysburg Hotel, which is one of the best country hotels in the state — our headquarters.”

The Petersburg Railroad saw much action and destruction during at the end of the American Civil War. During the Civil War, the Petersburg Railroad carried food and equipment to General (CSA) Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. The Petersburg Railroad carried supplies south and sometimes carried U.S. prisoners of war. The railroad requisitioned supplies from Tredegar Iron Works during the war. Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant severed these rails as part of the effort to cut supply lines to Petersburg for the Siege of Petersburg. The rails were damaged in the Battle of Globe Tavern, the Battle of Jerusalem Plank Road and Second Battle of Ream's Station. Since the Petersburg Railroad was the road to Weldon, North Carolina the first two are sometimes referred to as the Battles for the Weldon Railroad.

Plan of fortification around Garysburg, N.C.