SS Phantom

Length 190', beam 22', draft 8' 6", crew 33, speed 18 knots, weight 322 gross tons. Phantom is said to have been one of the original line of Confederate Government steamers operated between Wilmington, NC and Bermuda by the CSA Ordnance Bureau. She was a "very handsome," steel-plated, screw steamer of 170 horsepower, constructed at Liverpool late in 1862 as "Hull No. 167" by a "G. Hillman"; drawings of her lines, captioned in German, do not specify the builder's yard. 

No known image of the Phantom exists – appropriately – but this rendering of the Confederate blockade runner CSS Chickamauga (below) is a very close approximation of the paddle-less steel screw style of vessel, light and fast, that the Phantom was. 

CSS Chickamauga US Naval Historical Center2

Confederate blockade runner CSS Chickamauga